Visiting PRAGUE, Czech Rep



Prague overview:

Please use the following links to read more about Prague, sightseeing, museums, exhibitions, theaters, dining, tours, attractions, shopping, etc.


Maps of Prague:


   Culture, Shopping, Dining

  • Explore beautiful Prague 
  • Nightlife (live music, dancing, shows, casinos, and much more)
  • Try a traditional Czech-style dinner. With hundreds of restaurants, there is something to satisfy everyone's taste, from traditional Czeck food to the finest of European wines.  For a list of hundreds of Prague restaurants, visit this website
  • Enjoy walking in the city center and viewing unusual and unique architecture.


Professional Activities

  • Meet, interview, and choose well-trained postdocs for your lab

  • Bring your clinical fellows to participate in discussions and presentations

  • Get together with your European colleagues, visit their labs and clinics, start new collaborative projects and clinical trials


After-meeting Travel

  • One of CITIM Conference traditions is to explore the host country for 3-4 days after the meeting

  • A small group of CITIM participants is usually formed and a local trip is organized. Using buses or trains, we have been traveling in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia. We hope to do this again in Czech Republic.

  • If you want to join, please contact CITIM organizers



CITIM 2017 Location:

CITIM-2017 Conference  will be held in 

Hotel Ambassador, Prague

For information, check Accommodations page.



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